Biodegradable plastic bags need correct understanding, detailed identification ...


Plastics are difficult to degrade and easy to produce harmful substances when burning, which is a difficult problem in waste disposal at present. Especially disposable plastic products, it is difficult to recycle, and the white pollution is serious. To solve this problem, biodegradable plastics have been developed, which have the properties of both traditional plastics and biodegradable plastics. But compared with traditional petroleum-based plastics, these plastics are more easily broken in natural environment, at least reducing the risk of marine life being fatally eaten or entangled. Fully biodegradable plastic bags are made entirely of bio-based materials, all of which can be biodegraded into carbon dioxide and water. The words "biodegradable" and "biomaterials" are easily misunderstood by the public. They are believed that these biodegradable plastic bags can be easily decomposed into a part of nature like straw and leaves. So California enacted a law in 2008 prohibiting businesses from using the name of "degradable plastics" for promotion.


Correct understanding, detailed identification and reasonable promotion


We have no objection to the use of degradable plastics, which is still a direction to solve the plastic problem. Various types of "degradable materials" should also be more clearly identified. At present, "degradable plastics" on the market contains a variety of materials and degradation conditions, the reasonable direction after use is also different, if all marked as "degradable" will inevitably cause trouble for subsequent treatment. For example, if it can be degraded only under composting conditions, should it be labeled "industrial compostable plastics" instead of "degradable plastics". Including what kind of raw materials are used and whether they can be recycled, they should be clearly marked, so that they can be reasonably classified and disposed of at the end.


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