Biodegradable plastic bags are good products for sustainable development


We all know that the raw material of plastic bags comes from petroleum. In the long run, our society needs to use petroleum as raw material, use renewable resources as raw material instead of raw materials, and use renewable resources to produce biodegradable plastic bags.


We all know that oil is a limited resource, and its costs are rising as global demand increases. The use of renewable raw materials, rather than those extracted from the chemical and plastic industries, can help control greenhouse gases, and use biodegradable/compostable polymers derived from plants, such as corn starch, and from renewable and fossil raw materials, which use carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to grow through photosynthesis. Material absorption, reduce the negative impact on the environment.


Wuxi Chunyu Environmental Protection Products Co., Ltd. is committed to the application and research of all-biodegradable plastics, developing all kinds of all-biodegradable plastics products to meet the needs of various markets. The main products are biodegradable plastic bags, biodegradable PLA hangers, biodegradable hard-collar packaging and other products.

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