Chunyu Environmental Protection Attended the Hong Kong Exhibition ...


At the beginning of the New Year, Chunyu Environmental Protection and Biodegradable Products participated in the first exhibition in 2019. The 50th Hong Kong Fashion Festival Fall and Winter Series Exhibition was held in Hong Kong from January 14 to 17 for four days.


Chunyu Environmental Protection brings with it biodegradable products such as clothing bags and injection moulding products for infants developed with PLA modified material, which brings new ideas for the renewal of traditional plastic packaging products.


Biodegradable materials are extracted from sugarcane, maize, cassava and other sugary plants and processed into PLA by special technology. PLA has the functions of bacteriostasis, mildew prevention and prolonging the fresh-keeping period. After the raw materials are processed and used, composting can be done. After the consumption of microorganisms, carbon dioxide and water are decomposed into organic fertilizers to supplement soil nutrients and promote plant growth, thus forming a benign natural cycle.


During the exhibition, Junyu environmental protection participants explained Junyu environmental protection biodegradable products to customers from all over the world, popularized biodegradable knowledge, and brought new consumption concept of health, safety and environmental protection to customers.


Wuxi Chunyu Environmental Protection Products Co., Ltd. is committed to the application and development of all-biodegradable plastics, developing all kinds of all-biodegradable plastics products to meet the needs of various markets. The main products are all-biodegradable bags, all-biodegradable PLA hangers, all-biodegradable hard-collar packaging and other products.

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